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PLBT  |  Supply: 3,969,565 PLBT
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Finance for everyone, reinvented.

The world of finance has been transformed by software over the past few decades. With technology now touching every facet of financial transactions, it’s time to revamp what this means for consumers. We are a group of passionate finance and tech professionals convinced that you deserve a delightful experience when it comes to finances, not a headache.

We are investing in building currency-agnostic ecosystems so that you can manage your assets in the most easiest, transparent, safe, and convenient way possible.

Making money is hard enough. Managing it should be easy. That’s what we’re here to do.

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Since launching in 2017, we're lucky to have been featured in some of the most renowned media outlets worldwide.

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7 May. 2021

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March 2021 Update

2 Apr. 2021

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February 2021 Update

12 Mar. 2021

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2021 - Q1


  • Fixed income through exposure to CeFi and DeFi
  • V1 of crypto strategies & due diligence platform
2021 - Q2


  • Investable packaged strategies across crypto assets exposure & fixed income
  • Further PLBT utility and incentives in OSOM
  • Faster SEPA deposits & withdrawals
  • PoS chains Staking
2021 - Q3


  • Hedging strategies for fixed income
  • Improved portfolio reporting
  • V2 of crypto strategies & due diligence platform
2021 - Q4


  • Additional strategies for fixed income and crypto assets exposure

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Anton Altement

CEO & Co-Founder

Ivan Turygin


Sergei Potapenko


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Working for POLYBIUS means working at the forefront of the changing technology landscape, the blockchain (r)evolution and the rethinking of finance. Explore current vacancies in our rapidly growing team but don’t despair if you don’t see a suitable role: just send us your CV / LinkedIn profile and a few lines about what you’d like to do to [email protected].

Also, please check back often as the list is regularly updated!