April update: 2 out of 3

April was “jobs being done”, rather than “listing new ones”. We wish we could say we are done already, but we as well are happy to count every successful step.

2 out of 3 in OSOM Licensing

Two news about licensing:

  • Estonian government crypto exchange authorisation was obtained as expected this April for Polybius Wallet OU- this enables us to work on important crypto purchases functionality.
  • The National Bank of Belgium payment institution licensing of Polybius Fintech SPRL is in a steady movement forward.

The best is that already in May we bet on releasing the first and only fully licensed crypto wallet and exchange aggregator all-in-one.

2 out of 3 in OSOM crypto functionality

OSOM functionality is also in the 2 out of 3 state after April.

In closed Alpha, we are testing the functionality of crypto wallet, that allows to send and receive tokens, and wallet and exchange aggregator, that enables to see all the assets in one place.

Third main crypto functionality in the pipeline – crypto exchange, that will make buying and exchanging it back to hard cash much easier for everyone. We are working with several partner banks, who will be helping us with handling fiat funds.

What’s more, we thank the participants of all our user surveys – you, ladies and gentlemen, are providing very valuable feedback and are instrumental in helping us create a very strong product. Rewards are on their way.

We still haven’t opened Alpha 2 for testing, but this is already planned for early May. In the meantime, we ask EU residents to participate in our survey about premium packages – help us understand what would satisfy you most. Participants of the survey can win 3 months of premium wallet service!

2 out of 3 in OSOM Security

As emphasized in previous newsletters, we are moving away from old Polybius wallet into our own OSOM wallet, built on our own infrastructure. In the coming weeks and months we will be moving everyone to the safer OSOM solution.

Another big step – we are happy to announce that we are integrating Veriff’s cutting-edge technological tool to strengthen OSOM’s identity verification and fraud prevention process, so as to deliver a seamless and secure experience.

Last but not least, we have finished our penetration testing. We are almost done working to strengthen the identified vulnerabilities.

2 out of 3 in Events.

Two out of three major events for this spring are on their way: Consensus 2019 in New York and Latitude59 in Tallinn. Come visit us, try OSOM app and get to know us better: our booth at Consensus can be found at Hilton Midtown, Americas Hall I, booth number 371, and in Latitude59, look for us in the demo area.

While we are fully set in our preparations for external events, our team spent April to gain new skills and valuable insights at profession related conferences. Two out of three marketing team members attended largest digital and mobile marketing events in the U.S. New valuable competences were obtained and we are ready to compete in new smarter ways, when OSOM is launched for the wider public.

Don’t count, just join OSOM team

Interested in joining our team? Or know someone who would be the perfect fit? We invite you to keep track of our current job openings at join.osom.team, as well as drop us a spontaneous application – some of the nicest discoveries of people very often are led by being confident to introduce yourself! And hey! The Tallinn office got a kicker table!

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