August Updates: completed audit, CLC interview, new Polybius wallet, September meetup

In August Polybius completed and released its full financial report for 2017 with the help of Baker Tilly Baltics, an independent member of the recognized audit and consulting firm Baker Tilly International. This is the main piece of news from the previous month.

We announced the release of the annual financial report for 2017 in our social networks at the end of last month, August 30. Baker Tilly Baltics concluded that Polybius’ annual financial report reflects the true state of affairs and financial standing of the company as accurately as possible in all material respects. This conclusion means that our company is among the first ICO projects in the world to have received such an assessment. The completed financial audit provides additional confirmation of the company’s financial transparency, and for our part, we are pleased with the successful completion of this critical stage in our work.

You can read our press release for more detailed information about the audit. There you will also find a link to the Estonian business register, where you can read the results of the audit (in Estonian). For your convenience, the translated English version of the audit report will appear in the Polybius wallet soonest.

New Polybius wallet

In the nearest future, we plan to start developing a new multi-currency cryptowallet, which will form part of the Polybius ecosystem. To this end, we plan to obtain an appropriate license in Estonia (this and other matters were covered in the interview with Jerome; for more information, see below).

The new wallet will provide more functionality and convenience than the previous one. However, for us to proceed to the next development stage, it is critical all tokenholders to migrate their wallet as soon as possible.

The migration is initiated automatically when you visit the updated version of the wallet for the first time. The process may take between a couple of minutes and 24 hours. You can initiate it and return to it after a little while. If the migration takes longer, please contact our support team by clicking the Intercom icon in the bottom right corner of the site. We encourage you to login and complete this at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Remember that after the migration, the address of your Polybius wallet will change, and your current balance will be transferred to the new address. Therefore, be careful to use the new address when sending and receiving tokens.

Chief Legal Counsel interview

At the end of August we released a video interview with Jerome Dickinson, CLC of Polybius, which you can find below:

Our interview with Vadim Gerassimov, CTO of Polybius, whom we introduced last month, is currently undergoing post-processing and should be published later in September.

In September we plan to introduce even more new members of the team, as it has grown significantly over the last month. However, despite the fact of growth, we are still actively recruiting new team members: Please learn about open job positions on the company’s LinkedIn profile.

We welcome inquiries from enthusiastic specialists, so if you think your skills, knowledge, and experience will help us, send your CV to [email protected]. Each Polybius employee will be offered a share of the project. However, please keep in mind that if you make it into the team, you will most likely have to move to Brussels or Tallinn.

September meetup

We would like to remind you that on September 13 we will hold an event for Belgian tokenholders. Participants will get a chance to meet the project team at the Brussels office and learn more about the product prototype.

Personal invitations have already been sent to pre-selected Belgian tokenholders over the email addresses that they used to register for our project. Please check your email inbox and make sure not to miss this important message! (Note: we will never ask for your login details)

If you are not a Belgian tokenholder but would still like to participate in the meetup, please let us know at [email protected]. Please note that you will be responsible for all travel, accommodation, and local transportation costs to attend the event.

At the end of September, our team will take part in a massive event that will take place on September 23–30 in Brussels. B-HIVE Digital Week 2018 will bring together all major financial and IT market players.

On September 26, Anton Altement, Mathieu Hardy, Jerome Dickinson and Vadim Gerassimov will be happy to meet you near our booth at Digital Finance Europe. The conference is hosted by the National Bank of Belgium. Polybius will be among the sponsors of this event which will feature all prominent fintech representatives as well as the Belgium minister of finance and members of the European Parliament. The speakers will talk about digital transformation and the development of innovative sectors which will make Europe the world’s leading technological region.

Later, Polybius team will join the SuperNova event (September 27–30, Antwerpen, Belgium), which we also sponsor as part of our marketing strategy. SuperNova — is a unique event that will very soon get the best creators and entrepreneurs under the single roof. During the event we will show our product prototype to the potential customers, collect feedback and make features and improvements based on it.

Don’t miss your chance to meet the team and see you in Belgium!

Stay tuned for more updates!