December update & 2018 in review: ideas taking shape

End of the year was focused on OSOM testing and new beginnings: planning 2019, its marketing strategy, moving to new offices and setting timeline specific goals for the next year.

December of testing

We launched OSOM Alpha on November 30, available to a list of 100 invited tokenholders who became our first service testers and main feedback contributors. After the Alpha debut, the app has undergone extensive testing and debugging.“Since the launch we have managed to add more exchanges to the aggregation list, as well as work around the visuals. We have not yet rolled out the updated design, but we are surely making it happen once we’re satisfied with the overall look and feel of what we have in the production right now.” says Edgar Bers, our Crypto product owner.

During the launch, we intended to test connectivity and stability across the services we use — we quickly managed to understand the main sources concerning these and are now underway with deploying the solutions. Our current objective is to completely finalise the aggregation capabilities of the app and begin to implement transactions at highest security level.

“In addition to product development, debuting Alpha was also an opportunity to test the connectivity and stability across the different teams within POLYBIUS. We discovered in our own way, that building the product and a team is a process that must happen hand in hand, not independently. That’s why mid December we met to celebrate some successes, spent quality time working and partying as a team and now we all have the impression we’ve been at POLYBIUS forever :)” adds Mathieu, who has seen the development of the company from the very start , building the headquarters in Brussels and organising the inteuropean teams.

New offices

We are moving to the new offices both in Tallinn and Brussels. With major furniture still to be delivered, we already have our own prefered corners to occupy and are blossoming with ideas of how to make the spaces truly ours — starting from giving them names and finishing with personal gadgets to make the offices feel like home. More on settling down in our next editions!

Tallinn team getting comfy, slippers policy in enforced POLYBIUS-wide

Amongst other news

New websites for both POLYBIUS and OSOM are on the way, together with final stage of branding in the making. We are moving to better content management systems, state of the art SEO capabilities, secure operation and powerful marketing potential. With Faaria and Andrius mostly taking care of that, but in close coordination with our technical and legal contributors.

We’re very proud that POLYBIUS was mentioned in two international media outlets in December: Luxembourg’s Agefi and San Marino’s Libertas. Establishing credibility across the EU is of great importance as we are applying for licences both in Belgium and Estonia, and will continue as a vital strategy in 2019, when OSOM will become available across Europe.

Team life

We are very happy to announce, that a Senior DevOps Engineer has joined our team in Tallinn! For those interested in growing together with our team, we are still hiring both in Tallinn and Brussels for the following positions (feel free to share among your networks):

2018 was a year of kept promises….

“It was a good year. The main objectives were to :

  • Build a top notch team
  • Establish our reputation and a network in our initial market
  • Build relationships with regulators and submit applications for financial licenses
  • Ship the smallest of viable product

And we are happy to say we delivered on all fronts.” — confirms Anton Altement, our CEO & co-Founder.

2019 is a year of optimism:

New data, compiled by our very own Etienne, shows that Brussels and Belgium in general are the best place to launch OSOM, because 80% of Europe’s purchasing power lies within a 500 km radius of Brussels. Belgium’s capital can be accessed from all of Europe’s major financial centers, such as London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, within several hours a perfect place for establishing a foothold on the continent. And it is extremely suitable for further expansion: According to the 2018 KOF Index, which measures the openness of a country by assessing the economic and political dimensions of globalization, Belgium is currently the most globalized nation.

In the nearest plans:

Together with B-Hive, we are participating in Paris Fintech Forum January 29 -30, a major European networking event for financial institutions. The event is buzzing with representatives of all important players in financial services market and we do hope to bring back some valuable agreements for our future services.

Also, still within first half of the year, we will present OSOM in two major crypto community events in the world: Token2049 in Hong Kong, march 13–14 and Consensus in New York, may 13–15. These are the most important crypto events on the global scene and through demonstrating our OSOM offering, we will raise POLYBIUS’s profile, directly influencing our token’s standing.

Of course, the most important milestones for the year of 2019 are:

  • Completed licencing process (payment institution licence and crypto wallet licence)
  • Publicly launching OSOM product in Q2 in Belgium
  • Expanding to first foreign markets in Q3-Q4

To finish on this happy note, In case you missed our Holiday greetings, enjoy our end of the year greetings for all of our community.

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