1 - How does the ICO work?

ICO(Initial Coin Offering) is a unique opportunity to support a business at the stage of its founding by purchasing digitized shares of the company in form of tokens. Right after the ICO, all investors will receive Polybius Tokens (PLBT) to their wallets. At the same time, PLBT will become available for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Furthermore, at the end of a financial year, 20% of the distributable profit of Polybius Payment Institution or Polybius Bank is redistributed to all holders of Polybius tokens according to smart contract conditions.

The exact date will be announced soon. Meanwhile, subscribe to our newsletter or join us on social media to get all the latest news.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/projectpolybius/
Slack: https://polybius.io/#contacts
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1848751.msg18395912#msg18395912
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolybiusBank
Telegram: https://t.me/polybius_eng

We will offer a convenient and safe tool to make an investment. Soon we will disclose all the details.

1PLBT = $10.00 The token price will be locked during the ICO before launching on exchanges.

The minimum investment is $10.00 for FIAT or an equal amount in cryptocurrencies. If you would really like to invest before the start of the ICO, you can contact us via info@polybius.io. We can discuss high-value investments for presale.

If we don't manage to collect the minimum of $1.5 million investment, all deposited funds will be fully refunded. Refund is guaranteed by the escrow.

To ensure solid financial security for our investors and their funds we're looking to establish an escrow agreement with reliable and reputable partners. We have considered many options and hope to finalize the negotiations in the nearest future. We will be releasing the full details of the escrow and refund processes as soon as possible.

The earlier you invest, the higher bonus you will receive on your investment

  • Day 1 – 25% token bonus;
  • Day 2-7 – 20% token bonus;
  • Week 2 – 15% token bonus;
  • Week 3 – 10% token bonus;
  • Week 4 – 5% token bonus;
  • Week 5 – 0% token bonus.

5% of all the released tokens go to the team

2% of all the released tokens are set aside to be distributed for the bounty campaign between:

  • Facebook campaign - 10.00%
  • Twitter campaign - 10.00%
  • Bitcointalk signature campaign - 15.00%
  • Polybius thread support - 10.00%

And soon to be confirmed:

  • Bitcointalk translation campaign - 15.00%
  • Exclusive support - 40.00%

The bonus will be immediately added to the number of tokens you receive as a result of your investment. The total investment will be visible on your balance.

There are no discounts for bulk purchases, but there are bonuses for early birds.

We use two-factor authentication (2FA). We also have an option of changing your password in case you need to gain access to your profile.

All investments are transferred to wallets which are controlled by independent and reputable escrow service. This is a standard procedure for an ICO and escrow service is responsible for controlling the targeted use of investments.

Yes, you are correct. We're building a fully-licensed regulated bank and one of our primary goals is to support the cryptocommunity and the many crypto-based startups. We've got a great team of both crypto and finance experts, so we are confident, we can make it happen.

Due to the nature of the business and differences between the investment goals, we can achieve the ROI may vary. At this exact moment, you can take a look at our business model where we have analyzed the perspectives of our approach in comparison to several major banks. For now, this will help you understand the vision of our operations, while the actual profitability of the business will depend on the number and types of services we will have at our disposal.

If you're looking for a plan, you can see the roadmap Polybius has on their official website http://polybius.io to get a quick overview, or more details explained in a thread on Bitcointalk If you

Yes, the tokens will become available for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges right after the ICO is finished.

In cryptography, the Polybius square is a device invented by the Ancient Greek historian and scholar Polybius, for fractionating plaintext characters so that they can be represented by a smaller set of symbols.

The capitalization will depend on the results of the ICO. You will also be able to see the details on our website during the ICO in the Roadmap section.

Polybius primary goals are to provide:

  • a fully digital banking infrastructure;
  • eID, QES and Trustee services;
  • aggregation of banks (AISP) for merchants.
  • financial services for cryptostartups and the cryptocommunity

Humaniq focuses on banking and ID services for unbanked people in regions with developing economies. Our focus is initially on the European and CIS markets, and in future on the US, Asian and the Middle East markets.

As any other regulated banking authority, we will "score" our customers before providing loans.

Deposit protection will be enabled accordingly to European regulations.

We have chosen ICO over IPO due to the concept of our idea and relations to cryptocurrency market.

The total amount of tokens will be determined by the results of the ICO. There will be no further additional token emission.

Think of it as being a shareholder of a bank. You will receive a share when the bank makes profit.

Yes, Polybius is open for discussion of possible cooperation.

We started writing our whitepaper in September 2016. On the level of business detail and analysis that have gone into it, we feel it has reached beyond the scope of a traditional whitepaper. At the same time, we have decided in favor of disclosing a limited amount of details around the technical side of the project. Otherwise we compromise our ability to file required patents and thus risk the success of Polybius. As a result, we decided to call it a Prospectus so as to do justice to the level of detail contained therein.