FAQ: switching from Polybius to OSOM

Creating an OSOM wallet and moving your PLBT from Polybius wallet is only possible to verified users. If you are about to start this process, please find a list of most frequently asked questions and known answers to them:

  • How to avoid problems with identity verification? Here are some tips for a pleasant verification process:
    • Be in a well-lit room
    • Enable OSOM access to your camera as prompted
    • Prepare your Identity document, ideally an international passport – those are the easiest for us to validate.
  • Why do I need to verify my identity?
    Identity verification is a requirement imposed on us by regulations, which cover the activity of financial institutions. We act in strict accordance with legal requirements and privacy standards to ensure regulatory compliance and user data protection.
  • I can’t pass my identity verification!
    There might be multiple reasons for that – unsupported countries or documents formats, problems with devices, browsers or photos. In any case, contact [email protected] or send a message to OSOM support chat from the app menu. For legal reasons, we might invite you to complete verification using other platforms than the app.
  • I’ve passed the verification, but I can’t create OSOM wallet
    Please allow it a minute or two and refresh the page – that usually helps.
  • I can’t access my Polybius wallet
    Make sure to reach our support team via the Intercom chat. You can find it in the bottom right corner of the login page.
  • How do I send PLBT from Polybius to OSOM wallet?
    For a detailed step by step guide how to switch from Polybius to OSOM and send your PLBT, please follow this link: https://polybius.io/switch-step-by-step/
  • Why is my transaction pending 24-48 hours?
    During the last couple of weeks, there has been a spike in Ethereum transactions. Increased transaction competition resulted in higher network fees and delays, which led to a remittance bottleneck. We are optimizing the fees and manually pushing transactions. If your transaction is pending for 72 hours or more, make sure to contact our help team via the Intercom chat.

Following the above advice should make joining OSOM a seamless experience. Should you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact our support. Note that moving your tokens from Polybius Wallet is of critical importance. Please don’t postpone this process and finalize it at first convenience. Otherwise, you risk losing access to your PLBT.