February update:
the race is on

February saw us working on a diverse range of activities: lawyers working full tempo, finishing touches on our product just before crypto functionality launch, two websites went live and our event season started.


We are at the final stages of filing a crypto exchange licence application in Estonia. While dealing with regulators in Estonia and Belgium, we realised that two licences are not sufficient to deliver the whole scope of service. With the right licensing we can deliver a reliable and vetted crypto exchange that will make our portfolio more complete.

Updated websites now live

We are pleased to share our updated websites with you.

  1. osom.finance has evolved  from a simple landing page into a page, where we communicate our offer.
  2. polybius.io tightened their messaging to include more corporate and public affairs content. An important change for polybius.io, however, is that customer support widget is now available only within the wallet, not on the front page.

Both websites going live are very timely: OSOM website is an essential part for long awaited launch of crypto functionality and polybius.io was synchronised with upcoming crypto events in Hong Kong and New York. 

Make sure you visit the websites and subscribe to our newsletters and spread the news!

OSOM and PLBT goes global events

We’re kicking off our promotional events for OSOM and PLBT. First stop – TOKEN 2049 event. Our very own Anton, Edgar, Faaria and Jerome are all set to conquer the hearts, minds and token intentions of the asian tokenomics enthusiasts. It is also the first live test of OSOM in the crowd of the like minded. We will demonstrate the app and collect feedback on functionality and UX. It’s exciting to step out and test our concept in market for the first time. We’ll take on board as much feedback as we can from TOKEN 2049 – ready for our next event – CONSENSUS.
People attending CONSENSUS are more representative of our target market for OSOM, and we’re keen to see how it’s received.

A call to join the movement

Since the launch of OSOM Alpha, the waiting list for the app steadily grew from 0 to 500 over three months. Solely through word of mouth.

We have over 600 people today on stand by, but OSOM needs more than that.

A critical mass of believers! And we need YOU for that. Convinced, that early supporters are the most influential advocates of the new ideas, we encourage you to take a stand too: OSOM is the first of its kind bridging the gap between the existing and new economy. It gives people access to more power to do what they like most.

If you haven’t, visit osom.finance now, sign up yourself and invite others to join! Waiting list is the best place to be now: OSOM crypto wallet is just weeks away. If anybody is interested solely in fiat aggregation, people on waiting list will get the earliest access to that possible!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Polybius wallet migration

You only have up until the end of Q2 to migrate your token wallet. If you are one of the last non migrated PLBT owners, we urge you to do so ASAP. Old wallet will stop being supported by the end of Q2, and it is only the new PLB wallet that will allow access to all the OSOM benefits, once OSOM wallet is launched.


All you have to do if log in to your wallet which will initiate the migration process. This takes up to 48 hours to complete. For any questions or issues, go to wallet.polybius.io & ask on intercom support chat button can be found in the bottom right corner of the login page.

Team meeting, official Brussels office opening, job posts

Our next team meeting will take place in Brussels on March 21st. We are a family of 21 now and will use this opportunity to welcome our Brussels office that offers enough space for every team member to work and take breaks comfortably.

Interested in joining our team? Or know of someone who would be the perfect fit for us? We invite you to keep track of our current job openings at join.osom.team, as well as drop us a spontaneous application – some of the nicest discoveries of talent very often are led by being confident to introduce yourself!

This concludes our newsletter for February. We are migrating our newsletter publications from Medium to our very own Polybius blog and by the summer, Medium will stop being our monthly channel – please subscribe to our own newsletter here.

With things happening all the time, make sure you follow POLYBIUS on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and OSOM social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook.