January update: preparing OSOM for launch

From the beginning of the year, our team has been working on stitching all the plans for OSOM together. Testing is almost over, improvements on the way, Crypto wallet licence in review, OSOM is coming to wider invited audience this February and getting ready for launch in May!

January — a month of preparations

Having more clarity in terms of OSOM delivery and upcoming event calendar we started pulling together our marketing efforts. Priorities have been set to involve as many community members as possible, followed by active referral and onboarding of wider audience.

Selected artworks for the new POLYBIUS and OSOM websites, getting ready to be published by the end of the month

OSOM product update

We are preparing OSOM for security audit. It is an important step along licencing requirements, but also crucial for opening our services to the world. As of now, testing is planned for the beginning of March 2019. On the regulatory front, we are forging ahead with our application as a Payment Institution with the National Bank of Belgium (NBB). Exchanges with the NBB are ongoing and we expect to receive our regulatory clearance sometime in Q2 of 2019 — in time for our Osom payments product launch. In parallel, Polybius’ crypto arm, has applied for a token wallet license application in Estonia, which should be cleared in March 2019. More on this soon!

Screenshots of OSOM payment functionality, that our team was working on through January

Feel invited to join the waiting list

It is time to invite all of our supporters to join the waiting list for OSOM at https://osom.finance. It’s an early adoption opportunity, at the time of launch offering crypto functionality without geographic restrictions (anyone in the world could use OSOM crypto wallet — the only licensed crypto assets aggregator in the market, we are saying). Our community standing by our team from the very beginning and believing in our idea means a lot to us. It is crucial now to mobilize our resources and recruit a critical mass of first users to make the change we seek fast. We encourage inviting your friends and family to sign up right now too! Do not hesitate using a promo code INSIDER — we will remember that!

https://osom.finance Sign up here and be among the first to change the world!

Events calendar

Two major events happened in January: Anton was attending a World Economic Forum in Davos, including Blockchain Economic Forum, and at the end of the month even more appealing “Paris Fintech Forum”, which gave good insights into open banking, incumbent and newcomer relationships and opening opportunities. Some comments were more surprising than others, like ING Chief Innovation Officer admitting that banks are not always in favor of consumers:

Others were encouraging — Atom bank’s CEO summarized well the problem of existing financial system, that we are also on the way to change from the very beginning:

Continuing with events, we are moving from observer position to active participation this year and are all set to participate in two biggest crypto events in the world: Token2049 and Consensus. We will take part in both of these events sponsorship and will set our own OSOM “basecamps” on the grounds. We will be presenting OSOM, but we are confident, that a long awaited app will have positive effect on POLYBIUS’s perception and will boost community interest.

In the meanwhile, numerous local and European events are taking place in Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam and London throughout spring and POLYBIUS is deploying its networking squad all over them: further confirmations very soon, but we are keen on taking available speaker positions and using other impactful opportunities to build momentum for our big launch.

Other news and Comments

Nice to have — we have just been mentioned in the B-Hive’s newsletter and members portfolio. B-Hive is an important networking source for us, linking Polybius to the rest of our key market.

Day to day, we are looking forward to fully immersing into Open Banking environment in EU and are observing latest events in the neighboring markets, like a most recent AMEX move towards a UK fintech CURVE:

OSOM is not a bank, we are not an anti bank. We are not here to replace the bank. We are here to enhance banking by exposing banks to real needs of their consumers and it is beneficial to everybody: expanded markets, better available choices, diverse audiences to serve and the first real change in the sector in years. Every bank in Europe must see way more opportunities in PSD2 regulation, than limiting obligations. Good to know, that we are not the only ones on the battlefield:

Team life

We are happy to see movement in our job listings — we just finished our search for one more Full Stack Java Developer and Finance Controller in Tallinn, yet remind you that we are always looking for more Java Full Stack developers, in addition to positions currently open both in Tallinn and Brussels (feel free to share among your networks):

This concludes our newsletter for January. Stay tuned for new websites announcements at the end of the month!

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