July update: CTO announcement, audit news, Bancor Network, and collecting analytical data

For the last month, the Polybius team’s efforts have been focused on solving various legal points, including some related to the audit. In addition, we’re ready to introduce our new CTO.

New team member

Today we’re pleased to officially present our latest addition to the team: Vadim Gerassimov, who agreed to join as our CTO (Chief Technology Officer) back in May. Before joining Polybius Vadim worked for the Estonian company Pipedrive, where he built a team from scratch to develop solutions for partner programs and the integration of major sales platforms. Vadim also spent several years at Codeborne, where he developed online banking software primarily for the Russian market.

A few words from Vadim: I’m very pleased to be joining the project, although, to be honest, it was a difficult decision to make. I carefully weighed the risks, the difficulty of my responsibilities, and my own abilities, but in the end, I believe that I made the right decision. Despite the challenges that I’ll probably encounter — we’re going to have to simultaneously develop the product and build a team to “take care of” it — I’m confident that I’m up to the challenge. As the saying goes, “everything will be good — that’s what the world is built on.”

We believe that Vadim’s expertise and experience, which combines an understanding of how product-focused companies and banking systems work, will make an invaluable contribution to the project’s development. Vadim’s primary responsibilities at Polybius will be to form and excellently manage a technical team while setting the overall path for the technical development and infrastructure growth of our products.

We’re going to film a video with Vadim soon to present it to you in the fall, meaning you still have time to let us know what you would like to hear from him. Please share your thoughts, ideas, and questions with us in the comments — it’s possible that we will bring them up during our interview.

The interview with Polybius CLO Jerome Dickinson that we mentioned last month is now in post-production and will be published later in August.[UPDATE: The video is now live and can be found here.]

Note that we are still filling key team positions. You can find a list of openings on our LinkedIn profile.

We’re eager to see enthusiastic specialists join our team, so if you think that your skills, knowledge, and experience would be useful to us, send your CV to [email protected] Every Polybius employee will be offered a stake in the project, but keep in mind that if you get the job, you will probably have to move to Brussels or Tallinn.


Since cryptocurrency is a new part of the economy, to get the audit done, we needed to provide additional information which we shared with the regular last week. The draft, along with our comments, is being circulated with the auditor and should be finalised soon. This is the final stage during which the data is being checked before confirming the document and approving Polybius’ financial status.

The final version of the auditor’s review is expected within the next two weeks, after which it will become public and will be available on the website of the Estonian financial registry, where any interested party can familiarize themselves with it.

As soon as we receive confirmation we will surely notify you about it via our official Telegram channel, our Twitter and our Facebook page without waiting for the next monthly report.

Bancor Network and PLBT Listing

In May we asked for the community’s opinion about listing PLBT on the Bancor Network platform, which would allow us to transform tokens on the basis of smart contracts. Most of the feedback was positive, but before making a decision we performed a legal analysis of the platform’s operational activity that showed that the current standards for performing KYC procedures and the need to comply with AML regulations will not allow us to release PLBT on the platform at this time. We are continuing to study the situation with Bancor Network and hope that we can find a compromise that will let us release the token on this platform without creating any additional regulatory risks.

We would also like to let you know that it will not be possible to list PLBT on the CoinPulse exchange in the nearest future. Despite the successful initiation of the listing procedure and the negotiations that were held with the exchange over the last month, CoinPulse representatives refused to sign an NDA with us. We were compelled to stop the listing process because of this, but we would like to thank the members of our community for their support and the invaluable contribution made by every person who voted for the listing.

Collecting analytical data and meeting the team

We pay close attention to studying the market, as well as the financial habits and needs of our future customers. We don’t want to waste time developing a product that won’t meet anyone’s needs, so we’ve asked some PLBT holders to hold a short interview with Anais.Digital that helps us with analytics.

Our goal was to collect appropriate data to make sure that our product will be a good fit for the market and user needs.

Despite it being too early to make final conclusions, we will continue the research to make the perfect product. We would like to thank all the tokenholders that participated in the interview and shared valuable information with us.

Last month we announced that we were getting ready for a private meeting with Belgian Polybius token holders that will take place in the evening ofSeptember 13th. During this event, participants will be invited to the company’s office in Brussels, where they can meet the project team in person and get acquainted with a product prototype. This is also part of the research into meeting your needs, so make sure to come and say hi!

Today we’re announcing that over the course of August all token holders who were selected to participate in the event will receive an invitation at the email address they used when registering for the project. Make sure to check your email during August to find it!

N.B.! Watch out for scammers. We will never ask you for personal information or any information about your e-wallets in our emails. The emails will only contain information about the time and location of the event as well as a form to confirm whether or not you’ll be joining us.

At the end of September, the team will participate in a major event that will unite all big financial and tech players — B-HIVE Digital Week 2018 in Brussels. You will have a chance to meet Anton, Mathieu and Jerome at our official Polybius stand or even in a more informal environment. Be sure to get your tickets in time if you want to take part in the event.

Don’t miss the chance to drop by and have a chat, see you there!

Stay tuned for more updates!