June Update:
Massive Migration

June was a “hands-on” month. It started with a new product development partnership which was followed by a massive conversion of our PLBT tokenholders into first OSOM users. More on everything below.

Licensing summer

After submitting our last application draft at the end of May, we heard back from the NBB recently. Although they had pointed out a few additional items to be amended, we are moving increasingly closer to the finish line. As we said earlier, our goal is to submit the final file for approval this summer to become a fully licensed entity no later than autumn. So far, it has taken us at least 1100 (!) of the internal and external lawyers working hours to compile the application.

Onboarding Polybius tokenholders and migration of PLBT

On June 10, 2019, we invited our tokenholders to be amongst the first ones to take advantage of the new way to hold their PLBT, using a more robust, our very own infrastructure – OSOM.

We started urging our tokenholders to move their PLBT from Polybius wallet or risk losing access to those assets. It was because of our third-party supplier was experiencing some difficulties, which jeopardized the future of our old ICO wallet infrastructure.

Almost a month in, we already have 5’000 tokenholders who successfully created their OSOM accounts, and nearly half of them have passed the verification process. The number continues to grow daily even before the official launch of the App.

While a significant number of our tokenholders still haven’t migrated, we urge every one of you, who are still keeping their PLBT in the old Polybius wallet, to, please, migrate now. Here are two handy links that explain how to do it as painlessly as possible:


While tokenholders are migrating to OSOM, OSOM is migrating to a redesigned website. Over the last three months, we have learned the best way to present our service, and currently, we are working on clarity, user-centric experience, customized backend, and better integration of all our functions. The website will be launched just in time for the app to be released on Play and App Stores.

OSOM app updates – visible and not visible 

While onboarding thousands of new users, we received tons of priceless feedback. As a result, we set our primary focus on  UX&UI as well as Customer Support infrastructure improvements. We are implementing additional security functionalities like PIN codes, tweaking the general flow. Moreover, we are working on our back-office to allow our Customer Care heroes to work on requests at unsurpassed pace.

Thanks to all of you, who took the time to fill out our product survey. We worked through the results and are adjusting our product feature roadmap accordingly. Looking forward to delivering the functionality OSOM users had asked for and exceeding the expectations while we are at it!

At the same time, under the visible layer of OSOM, our developers are compiling massive parts of the app and designing the OSOM Exchange functionality. Interconnection with liquidity providers and banks, both digitally and legally, are currently our highest priority.

Last but not least, we are focusing on delivering full mobile experience, placing fully desktop-fit interface layout of OSOM a bit further down the pipeline.

InvestSuite letter of intent

On June 5, we signed an MOU with a Belgian startup InvestSuite to build a first of its kind robo investment advisor for a crypto portfolio. For most consumers, forming a sustainable well-diversified portfolio is hard enough, let alone keeping it grow steadily. As OSOM is bridging both traditional and token economy, InvestSuite’s expertise in traditional financial markets makes them the ideal partner.

“Our expertise lies in enabling those who manage assets to do it faster and better. Our portfolio construction framework’s focus on managing risk intelligently seemed particularly pertinent to the token economy and we are happy to have found a partner in OSOM to bring it to market,” said Laurent Sorber, CTO, and co-founder of InvestSuite.

OSOM robo advisor is set to roll out in H2 2019, with both companies committed to testing it with their own funds beforehand to prove the concept. For the first time, we are applying traditional asset management trading experience and using 4th generation approach to minimize tokenomics risks.

So far, the tests showed that we would be beating all benchmarks in terms of risk minimization and long term return. We are really excited about the possibility of bringing this new and easy portfolio management tool to everyone.

OSOM on Instagram

We are proud to announce that we added a new Instagram account to our set of social media channels. We felt the need for such a channel to reflect better on our product, values, team life, and the idea behind the whole “App that does it all” concept.

OSOM team life

We think working in a team is fun, but it’s even more exciting to be on the winning team. If you want to become one of us, keep track of our job openings at join.osom.team, or drop us a spontaneous application – some of the best discoveries are often led by confidently introducing yourself!

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