November updates: what an OSOM month!

It’s been a busy, productive and exciting month! Since our last update, the entire POLYBIUS team has been hard at it to deliver on all fronts: product development, marketing, legal, and business development. Let’s run through the highlights:

OSOM branding

We’re happy to celebrate November 17 as the birthday of our new brand name… and it’s OSOM! We announced it during the largest retail investor conference in Belgium — “Finance Avenue 2018”. The name OSOM (derived from awesome) was chosen as the brand for the Polybius product that would promise our users an OSOM, financially peaceful life. We also want to stand out in the landscape of financial institutions with a name that’s clear, catchy and easily pronounced across Europe. “The inspiration for the brand OSOM was built around the idea of super humans — people who have the ability to do more. OSOM is about people spending more time on what they enjoy doing in their life and less time on managing their finances. It’s about allowing our users to be OSOM everyday and ultimately creating an OSOM world together!” Find out more about the launch here.

osOm is changing the financial world and is in change itself!

OSOM App Alpha

Even more exciting news for November is that OSOM Alpha is finally here! Currently a web app for desktop and mobile, it will be further developed at the beginning of the new year with many more exciting features to come over H1 2019.

But wait, there’s more! We are very pleased to announce that the first round of onboarding a closed user group was completed within 48 hours of going live! Registration for new users is on hold until the waiting list opens up for the next round of invitations. The launch of OSOM demonstrates Polybius’ commitment to its roadmap, with a growing skilled team that are continuously driving the key milestones. All our readers are invited to join the OSOM waiting list right now, to be one of the first the try out the service as early as possible (to join, visit Be the first to know all the OSOM news by following us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

NBB licence application

Another less talked about milestone of enormous importance was accomplished at the end of November too! After two months of work, we have submitted the first cut of our application to the National Bank of Belgium. There’s still lots to do, as the license process has multiple iterations, but it is on track and we’re looking forward to further collaborating with the NBB. Special thanks to our very own Chief Legal Council, Jerome Dickinson for driving the project!

Amongst other news

OSOM was announced during Finance Avenue 2018 — the largest retail investment conference in Belgium, where our Chief Product Officer Mathieu Hardy led a masterclass on UX importance in the financial sector. The event was visited by 3,500 attendees, including some pretty important people — in the picture below — Belgian Finance minister, Johan Van Overtveldt, at the Polybius booth at the event.

Belgian Finance minister, Johan Van Overtveldt, at the Polybius booth at Finance Avenue 2018

Weeks before the event, POLYBIUS was featured in the largest business newspapers of Belgium — L’Echo and DeTijd. (The articles are in French and Dutch).

Polybius team life

As mentioned in October update, Edgar Bers now holds the title of Crypto Product Owner — it was under his lead that OSOM Alpha was launched on time. We thank him and the rest of the product and development teams for their hard work these past months. Here is what Edgar had to say about his OSOM November:

“Very excited to get to the next stage of the project. We got a lot of feedback from our community testers who are doing a fantastic job discovering every inch of the app. In a couple of weeks we will extend the functionality and get ready for the next set of tests. Thanks to all our alpha testers, you’re totally osom!”

We are still looking for more people to join our team both in Tallinn and Brussels:

Updates on our updates

Since our OSOM launch, we will be sharing news on a more frequent basis that includes: product updates, functionality, special events, promotions etc. We will be updating our newsfeeds more often, followed by a monthly recap of major topics and events. To be in the know, make sure you follow POLYBIUS on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook and OSOM social media profiles as mentioned above.

We have lots of things to do before the end of the year, so stay tuned for more news!