October Update: First steps to the public

While the licensing is taking a few more turns, the functionality is taking shape. Read below to see what’s new.

Native Apps in the stores

We released native apps to Play and App stores in October. We are still polishing bits of them, tracing bugs, and misbehavior, but you can already download an app to your smartphone. Among the features, there’s biometrics support, that allows you to log in immediately. New features should first appear on our web app, but with our evergrowing team of developers, the sides may eventually flip.

OSOM Exchange around the corner

We wrote in the previous update that we secured a bank account required for our crypto-fiat-crypto exchange operations. Our technical backend is now ready and it’s being thoroughly tested. Once we’re satisfied with the results, we will open the functionality to everyone. At the same time, we’re studying your preferences on cryptocurrencies. To let us know what cryptocurrencies you would like to use in OSOM and eventually trade, please check out our survey here. It will only take 1 minute of your time, but will help us define our crypto strategy for the upcoming months!


If you regularly use our app, you should have noticed that we constantly update some of the design elements such as blocks of assets or navbar. Soon we will bring new Identity Verification flow, and will also focus more on the web app desktop version. What do you think about the updates? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Let us know, and we will use your feedback to plan and design new things!

OSOM availability

Due to various regulatory uncertainties, OSOM service is currently not available in Belgium as well as some other countries. We are working on making it available in as many jurisdictions as possible. If the app is available in your country, you will find it in respectful app stores. If you are a tokenholder and your country is not listed in our Identity Verification section, drop us a line to the in-app support chat, or to our email [email protected]

We will keep you updated on the availability of the different services in various countries as we move forward with our discussions with the regulators.

Public recognition and the first attempt at mass exposure

We are happy and proud, that the Brussels region Hub.Brussels selected OSOM to represent Belgian startups at WebSummit in Lisbon Nov 4-7. Preparations for the event are at full speed as you read this update, and here is what we want to achieve during next week:

  • We believe, that WebSummit participants fit our potential user description: tech-savvy, eager to innovate professionals, mainly from Europe. And there are 70.000 of them at the event! Presenting OSOM to the right people will give us a lot of insights about their motives, needs, and wishes, which will help us drive product development.
  • Our UX design team will be conducting a UX survey to gather data for the improvements.
  • The event attracts a lot of media attention and we will do our best to attract some interest to OSOM out of the 3000 other participating startups!
  • Our CEO  will be meeting with potential partners and – even more importantly – potential future team members of OSOM.
  • We will run a precisely targeted marketing campaign at the event to come back home with more people who want to look at finance differently.

Update on Polybius wallet on Ambisafe:

As announced before, September 30th was the deadline to move PLBT from the old infrastructure. The tokens and the wallet won’t be closed down, but we will not keep investing to maintain the infrastructure or support. It’s what software companies call “end of life”.

If you have any questions regarding the Polybius wallet, the only action to take is to contact support via intercom (green chat bubble at the bottom right corner of your screen). We have also prepared a guide for a smooth transition from Polybius to OSOM wallet.

Team life and new hiring

We are still actively looking to hire a Growth Hacker in Brussels and a Community Manager in Tallinn. If you happen to know a perfect candidate, please share the job listing with them.

That’s it for our monthly report for October. We would like to encourage you to follow the news and invite your friends to join our mailing list!