October updates: Changes in team line-up, Forbes, Branding

Changes in the team

Despite the fact that the key members of the project’s team have been defined several months ago, we still continue filling our ranks with new specialists.
We’re excited to welcome Faaria Baig who will be joining the Polybius team as the Head of strategic and digital marketing. Faaria is a dynamic digital marketer with vast international experience within the luxury, retail and travel sectors, having worked for companies such as YOTEL, L’Oreal and Millennium Hotels. Her passion is to lead brands on their digital journeys, creating high growth and visibility and great customer experiences. Faaria chose to join Polybius as a company that is at the forefront of innovation, creating a hassle-free way for people to manage their finances, no matter the place or currency. Together with the branding team, Faaria will be responsible for creating the buzz around the product launch as well as attracting and taking care of new users. Her focus for the upcoming months is spearheading the digital strategy, driving brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Apart from that, Edgar Bers, who was previously in charge of ICO development and communications, has taken the position of Crypto Product Owner in October. As of this moment, Edgar will act as the link between two sides of the project and see that the business and marketing demands to the end product are understood from the development perspective.

Remember that you can always familiarise yourself with the current team members on the renewed Polybius website. At the moment, we have filled nearly all of our active positions (do not forget to keep track of relevant vacancies in the company’s LinkedIn profile); however, you still have the opportunity to become part of our team, for example, by joining us as a DevOps, Java or Full-Stack Developer at our Tallinn office. The team in Brussels is waiting for a person to fill the position of Payments Product Owner. We would be glad to see keen specialists as part of the project’s team. If you believe that your skills, knowledge and experience would be of benefit to us, please send your CV to [email protected]. Every Polybius employee will be offered a share in the project, but do note that in case of a favourable outcome, you would probably need to move to Brussels or Tallinn for work.

New office in Brussels

Since the team continues to grow, we are required to look for new accommodation options, to ensure that our employees work in comfort. In light of this, relevant documents were signed in October, so that in the nearest future the Belgian part of our crew could be relocated to a new office in Brussels. Since Spring the project’s team has been working from one of the private offices of the DigitYser tech-hub, where in particular the September meetup with Belgian token holders was held. After moving to our own office, we are planning on organizing more meetings with token holders and potential clients, as well as organizing various introduction activities. So, follow the news and do not miss the opportunity to see the Polybius office with your own eyes!
In the meanwhile, check the video below and immerse yourself in the September meetup:

Apart from that, we are pleased to inform you that our project’s growing publicity and innovation contributed to the growing interest in Polybius from major media outlets.
Earlier in the week, Forbes has published an analysis of the ten largest ICO projects to attract the most funding as at the beginning of September, while having existed for less than one year. Polybius was among the projects that caught Forbes’ eye.

Anton Altement, Polybius CEO: “We have worked hard and have always kept our community informed since our successful ICO. We will launch our product soon, we are financially sound and, as announced in September, we are proud to be the first ICO-funded company to fully comply with reporting requirements. We also hope to set a precedent for other ICO companies. Transparency and trust must be at the heart of every ICO-funded business and we believe that when conducting the audit, we emphasize how leading ICO-funded companies must follow the strict standards and procedures that apply to all businesses”

In the article, Polybius is presented as a project that is currently at the pre-launch stage of the end product, as well as a project which fully follows the strict financial procedures and was among the first to successfully pass the financial audit, taking into account the funds that were raised during the ICO.

Development and branding

We continue to actively develop our multi-cryptocurrency wallet, which, when launched initially, will be supporting BTC and all other currencies of the ERC-20 standard and would also be integrated into three cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, HitBTC and BitMEX. In the long-term, the wallet will support all cryptocurrencies presented on CoinMarketCap and have access to all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

We are planning on releasing the cryptocurrency part of our aggregator by the end of this year. At this stage, a lot of work is being done on the UX-design, as making our app organic and easy to use is one of our main concerns. Our partners at Anais.Digital, who have previously helped us with initial product testing (you can read more about it in last month’s news) are helping us with that. In October we received analysed data, thanks to which we have learned a lot about what our token holders and potential users find convenient. We are actively implementing these recommendations in our product’s outline and, among other things, the elements of design that you saw in the September news have undergone changes as well.
We are also working with a branding agency which is preparing a complete set of brand identity for us — from brand book in general to UI book in particular and is also developing the philosophy for our product.

New product name

We have reached a decision of not naming our product Polybius, as last year has shown that among the markets that are of interest to us, that word is not intuitively read in the same way, while it is important to us to avoid any possible discrepancies. In October we have held a large team rally in Tallinn, in which we were developing and determining the mission, values and goals of our project and our product — we assume that the new name must comply with our vision of what impression the app would make on the end user.

We are already registering the new name of our product, which will be unveiled at the biggest retail-investment conference in Brussels in November.

Conferences and events

On October 22nd, Polybius has participated in the FinTech Belgium summit in Brussels, where our project was represented by Mathieu HardyJerome DickinsonGunther De BackerAndrius Verseckas and Etienne Goffin.

This was the third FinTech Belgium summit this year to be dedicated to how the latest technological trends (blockchain, AI, etc.) affect the financial industry. The event included notable speakers such as Minister of Finance of Belgium Johan Van Overtveldt, Governor of the National Bank of Belgium Jan Smets, Federal Government of Belgium Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, Deloitte Consulting Company Senior Director Jean-Marc Boxus and others.

Each of these events helps establish necessary relations, which makes us a step closer to releasing the end product onto the market.

Next month, on November 17th, the Finance Avenue event will be taking place, where Mathieu Hardy will hold a one-hour workshop dedicated to crypto investments and where we plan to unveil the new product branding.

Stay tuned for more news!