OSOM debuts at WebSummit

Press Release

Following the app release on Apple and Google Stores, OSOM is publicly debuting at WebSummit 2019

Brussels/Tallinn, November 4, 2019 Polybius, a Belgian-Estonian company, was selected by Hub.Brussels to represent its project – the OSOM app – at WebSummit. OSOM is a personal finance manager now available on the App Store and Google Play. Polybius team is excited to showcase the new service to more than 70 thousand participants from around the globe at the largest tech event in Europe.

Polybius was selected by HUB.brussels to represent the growing Brussels’ tech startup scene along with 9 other Belgian startups. The rising influence of technological development in the region is what helped OSOM to expand its European user-base and showcase OSOM among 3000 carefully-approved WebSummit startups. Without a doubt, attending the event will help us grow our visibility in our primary European markets.

“We are happy to present OSOM to our European audience and, more importantly, to gain the trust of HUB.brussels to be selected as a truly Bruxelloise startup, “ says Polybius’ CEO Anton Altement. “We are in the process of applying for Account Aggregation and Payment Initiation license with the National Bank of Belgium. Institutional recognition contributes greatly to building our credibility to the consumers. We are developing a pan European personal finance management service, that will sprout from Belgium into neighboring markets and WebSummit offers us an opportunity to both represent the country and test the users beyond our primary market.”

Thanks to WebSummit, OSOM is expecting to grow its user-base and expand it geographically: it’s an incredible opportunity to make international partnerships and reach consumers all over Europe.

About OSOM

The OSOM App created by Polybius is a retail solution to make both traditional and virtual assets management easy for everyone and available in one place. Virtual asset aggregation and a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet (custody) service are already integrated into the OSOM App, available on AppStore, Google Play, and the web. Next on the roadmap is existing accounts aggregation and payment initiation, which should propel with a PSD2 payment institution license application in progress with the National Bank of Belgium.

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Andrius Verseckas,
Marketing and Communication
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