Polybius published audited annual financial reports

Brussels/Tallinn, August 30 2018, The Estonian-Belgian ICO-funded fintech company has worked with Baker Tilly Baltics, an independent member of renowned, global accountancy and business advisory network Baker Tilly International to publish full accounts for 2017.

The leading Estonian ICO-funded Fintech company Polybius, which last year issued an ICO raising ca $32 million, has today announced the publication of its financial results for 2017. Audited by Baker Tilly Baltics, the company is the first ICO project to undertake this step. They show that the company is in strong financial health. Baker Tilly Baltics, as an independent auditor, has issued an unqualified audit opinion confirming that the company’s annual accounts present fairly the actual financial position and performance of the company in all material aspects.

“We are proud to be the first ICO funded company to be fully compliant with the regulations,” states Polybius CEO and Founder, Anton Altement.

He states that there are several reasons why the company has published the audit. “Firstly it is required by Estonian law, and we are proud to be the first ICO funded company to be fully compliant with the reporting regulations.We also hope to set a precedent for other ICO companies. Transparency and trust should be at heart of every ICO funded business and we believe that in undertaking the audit we are highlighting how leading ICO funded companies should follow the rigorous standards and procedures set for all enterprises. We are happy to have launched our ICO in Estonia, a forward- looking country with regulators who can strike the right balance between innovation and consumer protection.”

Sander Kallasmaa, Audit Partner at Baker Tilly Baltics confirmed that the results have been posted (they can be found here) and said that “working with Polybius was the same as verifying accounts for any other high profile company. They were open and transparent and enabled us to carry out the audit quickly and efficiently.”

About Polybius

The Polybius co-founders noticed there was something wrong with banking as we know it and decided to put a plan forward to improve the world of personal finance. The first key step in that renewal was — in 2017 — to secure crowd-sourced funding by launching a successful ICO, raising $32 from 26000 people to develop the leading digital ecosystem for financial peace of mind.

With the funding secured, the management team was shaped under the leadership of the CEO, bold decisions taken, and a major strategic exercise undertaken to map out a clear path in a changing economy.

Polybius’ management and founding team is well placed to develop Polybius as the team boasts a combined experience of several decades working on digital and financial projects.

Funded via Crypto, we want to be the first full online finance ecosystem in the European market. We are striving to become the partner of choice for your financial peace of mind. Our Ecosystem will be on par with the most innovative companies worldwide and finally deliver, for your finances, the ease of access and use you have been accustomed to get elsewhere.

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