September Updates: meetup, product prototype, team, and CTO interview

The most important events from the last month included a meetup with Belgian Polybius tokenholders at our Brussels office on September 13 and the project team’s attendance of the major technical conferences Digital Finance Europe and SuperNova.

The project team met with Belgian owners of Polybius tokens at our Brussels office in early September.

The meetup began with a presentation by Polybius CEO Anton Altement dedicated to questions about the past, present and future of the project. Polybius CPO Mathieu Hardy talked about the product and the importance of initial testing in his presentation, and Polybius CLO Jerome Dickinson dedicated his speech to licensing issues and the bureaucratic nuances of working on the project.

One key event of the meetup was a test of the first version of the product that was conducted with the support of Anais.Digital. Everyone who wanted to participate in the product test was able to familiarise themselves with it one an individual basis — a high-tech system automatically determined behaviour patterns and detected when a user was using the application. The analytical data that has been collected will be used to improve the product and develop it further.

A more detailed video from the Belgian meetup will be finished and published in the nearest future.

This early alpha version of the prototype was presented during testing and used to evaluate the product’s functionality and ease of use. The final version of the design is still in development and will be made available closer to launch.

The product prototype was later presented at the SuperNova conference, which took place on September 27–30 in Antwerp, Belgium. The conference brought over 80 companies (from startups to major market representatives such as Siemens, EY, BNP Paribas Fortis, Nokia, and more) together under one roof, and all of them presented their ideas and current designs at the event. According to the host, over 15,000 people attended the conference over four days.

In addition to the SuperNova conference, in September Polybius attended Digital Finance Europe, an event hosted by the innovative B-Hive platform that brought together not only Belgian companies, but also financial technology startups, investors, and politicians from all over Europe. Polybius’ stand was up on the key day of the conference during which over 40 speakers gave talks, including Belgian Minister of Finance Johan van Overveldt, European Banking Federation CEO Vim Mis, and National Bank of Belgium CEO Tim Hermans.

The results of the prototype presentation and the feedback received from conference attendees demonstrates that the solutions for the financial field offered by Polybius are unique and in-demand among users. The presentation of the project and prototype will continue this month — Polybius will attend the FinTech Belgium summit in Brussels on October 22. We’re pleased that this event is bringing us one step closer to the launch of the final product.

Team Expansion

Almost every member of the Polybius team attended the meetup on September 13, so Belgian tokenholders had a unique opportunity to personally meet not only team members whom they already know from video interviews, but also those who are usually behind the scenes.

For example, they met Community Manager Maxim Stadnik, who supports the community in official channels on Telegram and social media, as well as new team members — our team has doubled in September.

In August our team was joined by a VP of Storytelling. The position was taken by Gunther De Backer.

Gunther has over 20 years of experience consulting on topics of financial and corporate communication issues and managing crisis communication with the media. After founding Comfi, a financial communications agency with a sales volume of $2.4 million in 2003, Gunther joined Mediafin, the company responsible for publishing the Belgian business newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo, in 2015.

With experience working as a marketing manager at one of the world’s largest consulting firms, Gunther will be responsible for planning and implementing Polybius’s communication and media plan strategies.

Andrius Verseckas is Polybius’ VP of Digital Strategy and has 20 years of experience in advertising, branding, and product development fields. Having received an elite education in Lithuanian and Norwegian universities, Andrius not only handles Polybius’ marketing issues but is also the art director of one of the largest creative ad agencies in Lithuania, Mullenlowe Vilnius.

Etienne Goffin is a Business Analyst who obtained his education at Namur, the University of Brussels, and Solvay in Belgium. His career includes ten years in the financial industry, both in the government sector (at the Central Bank of Malta) and as a banking consultant (Needle Strategy). Etienne is an expert in the fields of business strategy, money and credit policy, and business innovation.

Dilnoza Shaumarova is a UX Designer with eight years of experience in the branding and design fields. She has also worked as a business trainer in Barcelona. Dilnoza received her education at universities in France and Spain.

Finally, we’d like to give you an opportunity to learn more about our CTO Vadim Gerasimov by watching the interview below.

Thanks to Vadim, our staff in Tallinn, Estonia has grown due to an expansion of the devs team. The primary task of the developers (Dmitry Troskov, Igor Rusovich, Sergei Prokhorov, and Maxim Nesin) is currently to develop a multi-currency wallet for Polybius.

Polybius’ wallet is one of the cornerstones of the project. By creating it, we are laying the foundation for the development of all of our product’s further functionality. We are planning to make our wallet easier to use and more universal than the previous one, but to begin the next phase of the project, we kindly ask all tokenholders who, for whatever reason, have not already done so to migrate their accounts by logging into the wallet as soon as possible.

Your wallet will begin to be migrated automatically as soon as you log into the wallet for the first time after our latest update. The process can take from a couple of minutes to 24 hours. You can activate it and then come back later. If the migration takes longer than this, please contact our tech support by pressing the Intercom button in the bottom right corner of the website.

Please keep in mind that the address of your Polybius wallet will be changed after the migration and your current balance will be transferred to the new address, so be careful when sending and receiving tokens.

Don’t forget that you can learn more about our current team and new roadmap on the updated Polybius website. The website’s new design is closely connected to ongoing development not only of the Polybius wallet, but also of the brand of our future platform.

At present we have almost filled every vacant position (don’t forget to keep up with current openings on our LinkedIn profile), but you still have an opportunity to join our team. We’re always glad to see passionate specialists in our project team, so if you think that your skills, knowledge, and experience would be useful to us, send your CV to [email protected]. Every Polybius employee will be offered a share in the project, but keep in mind that if you’re hired you will probably have to move to Brussels or Tallinn.

Stay tuned for more updates!