Switching from Polybius wallet
to OSOM wallet

Starting Summer 2019, Polybius launches its brand-new mobile app called OSOM. OSOM is an aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges, public blockchain addresses and soon EU bank accounts. On top of that, OSOM offers an in-app cryptocurrency wallet to hold your Bitcoins, Ethers and Polybius Tokens. Follow this step-by-step guide to switch to our new infrastructure and send your tokens to a better, more secure environment.

Please keep in mind that OSOM is still work-in-progress and is not optimised for desktop view. Use it on your mobile device only.

1. Start with creating an OSOM account – https://app.osom.finance/register

You will need to create an account, confirm it via email and then log in

2. Once your account is created and you are logged in, verify your identity:

You can use your ID or passport to verify your identity

3. After you’ve submitted your documents for review

It may take some time until we confirm it. If you have any problems with identity verification, send us an email to [email protected] Once your identity is verified, we will send you an email, and you will be able to create an OSOM crypto wallet:

Your OSOM crypto wallet will support BTC, ETH and PLBT

4. Now that the OSOM crypto wallet is created

You can now send your PLBT from old Polybius Wallet to new OSOM Wallet. Log into https://wallet.polybius.io:

Enter your login details and click ‘Sign in’


  • If you get a ‘Your account is in process of migration’ message, it means that you have not logged in for over 6 months, and your account needs an update. That’s okay, all you need to do is wait until the migration process is finished. Leave the process for 24 hours (you can close the tab) and come back tomorrow. Once you see your Dashboard and your balance, continue to Step 5.
  • If you see the same message on the next day, send us a message via Intercom chat – you can find a green round button in the bottom right part of the login page.
  • If you forgot your password and cannot recover it, use Intercom chat as well.

5. When you get inside your Polybius Wallet

Send your PLBT to your brand new OSOM crypto wallet. First, get your OSOM PLBT address:

Go to Payments > Crypto > Request, select Polybius and copy the address

6. Go to the ‘Send’ section of Polybius Wallet (wallet.polybius.io), and use your OSOM PLBT address to make a transaction:

Send all your PLBT to your OSOM crypto wallet

7. That’s it!

If you’ve followed this guide step-by-step, your PLBT should now be moving to the OSOM crypto wallet. If you have any problems, make sure to reach out to one of our help teams:

  • for problems related to wallet.polybius.io, use Intercom chat – the green round button in the bottom right corner of any wallet.polybius.io page;
  • for problems related to app.osom.finance, use [email protected].