OSOM is announced

Brussels, 17 November, 2018. Today at Finance Avenue, the largest finance conference in Belgium, Polybius reveals its new brand, OSOM. OSOM is an all-round personal finance service that unifies both crypto and fiat currencies. The brand will be inviting a select group of users to trial its App at the end of November, which initially includes a crypto portfolio functionality. OSOM’s launch is a key milestone for Polybius, further strengthening its position as a leading currency agnostic financial management company.

The OSOM App will initially be available to 100 handpicked Polybius token holders, encompassing a core crypto portfolio functionality. The crypto wallet and exchange functionalities are expected to be added by early 2019, which by that time, the number of exclusive invitations issued will reach 25,000 token holders. The link to traditional finance institutions will be available to the wider public by mid 2019, and after obtaining a Belgium payment institution licence, the service will offer account aggregation and payment initiation services to all EU residents, with an initial focus on the Belgian market.

“OSOM is an important milestone that lays at the heart of Polybius’ vision — to provide financial peace of mind. The OSOM app will give an unprecedented view on a user’s whole financial picture, to help make smart decisions through an AI functionality with seamless integrations in the most innovative way.” says CEO, Anton Altement.

The inspiration for the brand OSOM (a play on the word ‘awesome’) was built around the idea of super humans — people who have the ability to do more. “OSOM is about our users spending more time on what they enjoy doing in their life and less time on managing their finances. It’s about allowing our users to be OSOM everyday and ultimately creating an OSOM world together! We are a game changer, this is why we developed an app that works for you, not for financial institutions. OSOM will centralise all your financial assets so you can see it in one place. We will give you tips and insights and help you plan and budget, so that you can achieve your life goals faster.” says Marketing Director, Andrius Verseckas.

Polybius is an example of a new economy company that strives to deliver since starting out as one of the successful ICO’s in 2017. The OSOM waiting list is currently open, allowing everyone who signs up to be amongst the first invited when the new service becomes available: https://osom.finance

For more details contact:
Gunther De Backer, VP Storytelling
[email protected]
0032 475 903 909

Andrius Verseckas, Marketing Director
[email protected]
0032 488 30 24 97