Tokenholder update: switching to OSOM

On June 10, 2019, we invited our tokenholders to be amongst the first ones to take advantage of the new way to hold their PLBT, using a more robust, our very own infrastructure – OSOM.

In just over a week, the number of people who successfully joined and passed the verification process reached 1’500. Coupled with the early alpha testers, we are now at over 2’000 users and the number continues to grow daily.

The verification process has been modeled by our partner Veriff to be in line with the latest demands of the relevant regulators. Identity verification is a critical step to start using OSOM wallet for crypto storage and transactions.

Inviting tokenholders to be the first users of OSOM was always our priority. We regret that at times, the verification process hasn’t been as easy as it should have been. We are working together with Veriff on onboarding everyone as fast as possible.

We continue to receive a lot of constructive feedback on OSOM from the newly-onboarded users. Please keep it coming as it helps us develop the app you’ll enjoy using.

If you experience difficulties during the transition from Polybius Wallet to OSOM, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions post.

We did our best to cover all possible pain points and are working hard to get rid of them completely.

Note that moving your tokens from Polybius Wallet is of critical importance. Please don’t postpone this process and finalize it at first convenience. Otherwise, you risk losing access to your PLBT.

Beware of phishing. Polybius and OSOM, as well as associated employees,  will NEVER approach you asking for any sensitive data. The only secure ways for you to contact us is through our official support channel within the wallet, OSOM app or via [email protected].

Please note the list of our official channels: